This Sunday in Worship…

Well, I’m down with Covid.  Not feeling great, but very glad that I had already arranged for a guest preacher this week!  Please welcome the Rev. Ryan Henderson to the pulpit on Sunday.  Ryan is one of our Associate Conference Ministers for the NY Conference, and is a member of the Webster UCC. He will offer a children’s time, and will preach on this week’s gospel lesson, Matthew 20:1-16 – the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard.  This story invites our reflection on how we share the work that needs to be done, how we feel about generosity, how we compare ourselves with others, and so much more.

     Melissa Bauch will lead the liturgy, Dawn Pixley will serve as cantor, Carol Feasel will read the scripture, and our worship band, Seventh Day, will inspire us with the anthem, offertory, and postlude.  Don’t miss it!

After worship, please join us for Fellowship Hour, hosted this week by the Board of Deacons.  Also, please consider hosting some Sunday!  We’re all set for October 1, but can use some help for the rest of next month.

If you have a prayer request or announcement to be shared during worship, please send it to by 6 pm Saturday. If you prefer, you can fill out a card in the sanctuary and hand it to the ushers during the offertory. You can also share prayer requests in the online chat during worship. As always, please make sure you have permission from the person you’re praying for.

Blessings, Pastor Martha