This Sunday in worship…

A quick trip away from the Lukan Parables! This week our scripture verse will be the lectionary  selection from the Hebrew Scriptures in the book of the Prophet Jeremiah (31: 27-34). The verse tells us a little about a people living in a time after the Babylonians had invaded Judah, but recalls how God always kept the covenant. A very particular way of how we keep the covenant with God will be our focus this Sunday.

You already know that the Pork Dinner is nearly upon us, on Saturday the 26th. We still need help to make it a success — with pies at the top of the list — and sign up sheets are in Fellowship Hall. Please stop by and see how you can offer help. And SELL THOSE TICKETS!

Sharon Gass will be our Lay Reader this week, and the Genesee Valley Association Fall Assembly will be Sunday afternoon beginning at 2pm in Dansville.