Sunday in Worship…

This Sunday, November 22, is the 25th Sunday after Pentecost, and Reign of Christ Sunday in the United Church of Christ. Our worship will begin at 10:30 am, and our text will be Matthew 25: 14-30, which will be read by Sharon Congelli. We will also again be blessed by John Woolfolk’s musical talents as Robin Bower is on vacation. You can find worship online at:

Don’t forget to have your communion ready! We will again celebrate the Lord’s Supper together on Sunday, so be sure and gather your elements, be they grape juice and bread, coffee and doughnut, or whatever you have in your home. The table Jesus set is so broad and vast that it extends from the Sanctuary to your home and beyond.

It’s Stewardship Season!  Last Sunday was Stewardship Sunday, but there is still time to send your financial pledges for 2021, as well as your time and talent pledges. Please mail them to the church office in the envelopes provided in your stewardship mailing as soon as possible. We pray you will thoughtfully discern what God is asking of you to further the ministries of this church in 2021, and please return your pledge card as soon as possible,

If you have prayer requests or announcements that need to be made, please email them to the church by 6pm Saturday, 11/21/2020.

Zoom Fellowship Hour will happen right after worship. Andrea has put the information to get to Fellowship Hour elsewhere in this week’s issue of Happenings, and an email with a link will come to you on Sunday morning as well.

This coming week we will also have our Thanksgiving Day version of Pub Theology – join us on Zoom at 7pm Thursday, November 26.

Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent! Don’t forget that we will be holding our outdoor version of Hanging of the Greens beginning at 3pm on November 29.

Please also send your Christmas candle picture to Andrea in the church office ASAP (

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Jason