This Sunday in worship…

Alle (um, um …..) Alle-sagna! Christ is (almost) Risen!  

I’m a little early with those words, it hasn’t happened yet, can’t say the “A-word” yet. As I write this, it’s only Tuesday of Holy Week, and our journey still has some important days to come before we can joyfully shout those words proclaiming the Resurrection. But it is coming really soon, and if ever there was a year we needed to have the joy and saying those words, and the “A-word” too, of course, it’s this one. So let’s get ready. Let’s get fully ready with our faithful    observance of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday too, but let’s get ready.

We will gather online this Thursday, April 9 at 7:00pm for our  Maundy Thursday service. Pastor Martha will lead us through this special night where we remember the Last Supper, but where we also dim the lights as per the Tenebrae service – with adjustments for what we can do via Facebook Live. Do have your communion elements ready for this time together. The worship bulletin is already on the website, and is included in the email with this issue of  Happenings.

We will gather online again this Friday, April 10 at 12:00 noon for a Good Friday Prayer service. There will be no communion during this service. The worship bulletin is also already on the website, and is included in the email with this issue of Happenings.

And then the darkness of the crucifixion is soon followed by the light of Resurrection and we gather on Easter Sunday, April 12, at 10:30am to lift our joy together.

     You are invited to make your own “A-word” banner and wave it during our first hymn on Sunday, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.” Even though we cannot process together, you are absolutely invited to process as you wave your banner and post pictures and videos on our HUCC Community page on   Facebook so we may share this joy together.

Our Gospel text journey for Holy Week will begin in the Gospel of Matthew on Thursday with     selections from Matthew 26:20 – 27: 60, with closing words from John 1: 1-5. We continue in the Gospel of John on Friday, with John 18: 1 – 19: 42. Our Easter Sunday Gospel will come from John’s Gospel as well, John 20: 1-18.

This Sunday we will again start the camera around 10:15am to give everyone time to tune in and get settled. As the broadcast does not create a unique web link until after it has started, we are also going to see if we can capture that link and email it to the Happenings email list shortly after 10:15am. On Thursday and Friday the camera will start early as well, although we may not be able to send an email in advance of the start of the service.

As always, if you are having trouble finding the broadcast, go to my Facebook profile/wall as I will have shared a link to the live broadcast as soon as it begins.

Hymns will again be printed in full in the bulletin, which is in the same email with which this issue of Happenings was sent. As you know from previous issues of Happenings, the website has information about nearly every hymn you’ve ever imagined, and you can search for these hymns if you want to see notation. Our third hymn Sunday will be one new to us this week, but it is to the familiar tune The Church’s One Foundation.

We will again celebrate the Lord’s Supper together on Sunday (as well as Thursday), so be sure and gather your elements, be they grape juice and bread, coffee and doughnut, or whatever you have in your home. The table Jesus set is so broad and vast that it extends from the Sanctuary to your home and beyond.

Thank you especially to those participating in the offering! Please keep your gifts coming. We are so grateful for folks sending their pledges and Dollar A Day gifts in, as well as to those submitting them online. To make your gift online, just go to and click on the “Online Donation” button on the right-hand side.

If you have prayer requests or announcements that need to be made, please email them to the church by 6pm Saturday, 4/11/2020.

This is not how I anticipated spending my first Easter with you. I looked forward to this being a day of grandeur and excitement with the most      celebratory music as we gathered together in force in our wonderful   Sanctuary. So much of our lives together is so different now than even a month ago, but even with that, know how blessed and grateful I am to be with you.


Pastor Jason

You can connect to worship at all of  our Holy Week services by going or click on the link on the HUCC web page.