This Sunday in Worship…

Sunday in Worship…

This issue of Happenings is for both August 7 and August 14. Andrea Folan is on vacation and so there will be no additional issue of Happenings next week. We will again welcome our guest organist, John Woolfolk, both weeks as Robin Bower is off both Sundays.

Sunday, August 7, is the Ninth Sunday After Pentecost. Our scripture reading is Luke 12: 13-21, which will be read by Holly LaPorta. Sami Lindsey will be our cantor, and will be singing our anthem accompanied by Pastor Jason on the piano. You will just have to join us in worship to find out what Sami and Pastor Jason are up to. 😊

Sunday, August 7 is also a Communion Sunday. If you are joining us in person, please remember to grab your communion elements from the table at the back of the Sanctuary on your way to your pew. If you are worshipping from home, please have your communion elements ready for the broadcast.

Sunday, August 14, is the Tenth Sunday After Pentecost. Our scripture reading is Luke 12: 49-56, which will be read by Adrian Matlack. Suzanne Milliman will be our cantor, and we will be blessed with a guitar anthem by Isaiah B.

Weather permitting, we look forward to being able to have fellowship outside. Our Deacons have purchased a sizeable supply of “grab and go” snacks and look forward to sharing those with you again outdoors.

For those joining in from home, you will find worship on our YouTube channel at; you are also invited to join together on Zoom for Fellowship Hour after worship. A link is elsewhere in this issue of Happenings.

If you have prayer requests or announcements that need to be made, you may email them to the church by 6pm Saturday, 07/30/2022 for the August 7 service, and 6pm Saturday, 08/13/2022 for the August 14 service.

Be reminded that we remain mask-mandatory, AND that we have lots of appropriate KN95 and medical grade masks at the church. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need one, and please thank Joan Barnes and Laura Markwick for the kind generosity in obtaining and donating so many of them for us. The number of folks being exposed to and/or contracting Covid seems to be rising, and we want to be a healthy place for all to worship.

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Jason