Dear HUCC Family,

This Sunday will be our second-to-last Sunday together.  It’s hard to believe, and it brings up a lot of sadness that our wonderful 25 years in ministry together is drawing to a close.  Carolyn and I have been so richly blessed and fortunate to be part of this loving, genuine, generous, open, supportive church family!

More than most churches I know, HUCC is fulfilling a crucial role in the lives of its members, in our community and in our society.  This was Jesus’ vision for the church 2000 years ago!  So as we look back on our years together and prepare to say good-bye, I also want to help you realize the importance of that vision Jesus has for you and show you Jesus’ way of fulfilling it.  That will be the key to HUCC’s future as a relevant, engaged, life-giving, thriving, contagious congregation.

Many blessings today and tomorrow,

Pastor Dave