This Sunday in Worship…

Worship This Week

We’ve made it to the Fifth Sunday in Lent, continuing our journey through this penitential and reflective season.  This week’s gospel reading tells about the raising of Lazarus, as told in John 11:1-45.  It’s one of those stories that offers more questions that answers!  Why didn’t Jesus come right away when he heard that Lazarus was sick?  What did he mean that this sickness wouldn’t lead to death?  Why was he so sad when he finally arrived, only to find Lazarus in the tomb?  Didn’t he know that he could raise his friend?  In worship we will reflect on this amazing story, and the faith that it inspired and continues to inspire.

Henry Stone will serve as cantor; Joan Barnes will read the scripture; and our choir will offer the anthem, “Come, Every One Who is Thirsty,” by Lucy Rider and Lloyd Larson.  Laurie is away, but Grace Wang will fill in on keyboard and organ. We will also extinguish the 5th Lenten Candle, symbolizing the shadows of war and oppression.

If you didn’t have a chance to donate to our One Great Hour of Sharing Offering, it’s not too late!  Mark your check or envelope with “OGHS offering,” or donate online at our website.  This is the primary source of funding for our denomination’s global mission work in so many communities around the world.

After worship, kids and youth will have a musical rehearsal 5th & 6th grade classroom, and goodies will be shared during the Fellowship Time, prepared this week by Coni Wiegert.  If you’d like to take a turn providing food, you can either sign up in Fellowship Hall or call and leave a message at the church office, and we’ll add your name to the schedule.

For those at a distance, a Virtual Fellowship Time is also available in our Zoom Room following the service

If you have a prayer request or announcement to be shared during worship, please send them to by 6 pm Saturday, or fill out a card in the sanctuary and hand it to the ushers during the offertory. You can also share prayer requests in the online chat during worship.  As always, please make sure you have permission from the person you’re praying for.

Hope you can get outside and enjoy some of this lovely Spring weather!

Pastor Martha