This Sunday in Worship…

Sunday in Worship…

This Sunday, July 25, is the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost. Our scripture reading is Mark 6: 1-21, which will be read by Sami Lindsay and Phoenix Hoffman. Andrea Folan will be our cantor and will also be singing the anthem, Felix Mendelssohn’s “O Rest in the Lord”; Robin Bower is off again this week, and John Woolfolk will be our organist. Our worship will begin at 10am. You can find worship online at:

This week in worship you will again see some of the adjustments we are making for our regathering, when we will have congregation both in-person and on livestream. Be ready when the bell rings, as we will go directly into the Centering Music. So when you hear the church bell, be ready to lift your voices in song!

Don’t forget to have your communion ready! Be sure and gather your elements, be they grape juice and bread, coffee and doughnut, or whatever you have in your home. The table Jesus set is so broad and vast that it extends from the Sanctuary to your home and beyond. Starting next week, communion will return to the first    Sunday of each month, with pre-packaged elements available for those regathering in person.

If you have prayer requests or announcements that need to be made, please email them to the church by 6pm Saturday, 7/24/2021.

We will continue with both our outdoor Fellowship time after worship, as well as the Zoom room. Weather permitting, all who would like to do so are invited to bring their portable chairs and whatever refreshments they want, and gather together on the church grounds. We hope to see you.

1 more week until we are back in the Sanctuary! In-person    worship, with properly worn masks required for all attendees, will begin again on August 1, with a cookout and potluck to follow (weather permitting); please RSVP to Joan Barnes ASAP. Potluck items should be individually packaged. We are going to try to make this as little work as possible. 😊

Even as we are “back,” we are staying on YouTube as well. We are starting a whole new era, one we could not have imagined, and one born out of an experience we certainly did not wish for. But the Holy Spirit continues to work through us regardless of the events of the world. Praise God for what we have accomplished in this surreal last almost-17 months.

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Jason