Wedding Rentals

Henrietta United Church of Christ is pleased to offer its facilities to couples for weddings that are designed according to their own beliefs and preferences. As an open and affirming congregation, we celebrate weddings for loving couples of all genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations.


The Sanctuary

  • The sanctuary is simply adorned and seats 225.
  • Additional chairs are available and two pews near the front have been shortened to accommodate wheelchairs. Our facility is completely handicapped accessible.
  • A pair of candelabras are available requiring fourteen colonial style candles. (Candles not provided)
  • It is expected that the HUCC pastor will be your officiant in this space.  Our pastor has the first right of refusal for any wedding held in our sanctuary.  If you wish to bring in someone else to officiate, permission will need to be granted and you’ll be expected to pay the pastor’s fee whether you use our pastor or not.
  • An organ and an electronic piano are available to be played by the church organist.
    • The HUCC organist has a first right of refusal.  It is assumed you’ll use the church organist if you are going to use the instruments in the church.  If you wish to bring in your own organist, you need to ask permission and you will be expected to pay the HUCC organist, whether you use them or not.
  • A hearing loop with receivers is available for the hearing impaired.
  • An aisle runner should be 50’ in length. (Runner not provided)

Wedding FH2  Fellowship Hall

  • Our Fellowship Hall is 46’ x 38’ and is adjoined by a kitchen.
  • There is a seating capacity of 96 persons, with tables and chairs available. Neither alcoholic beverages nor smoking is permitted in or near the building.
  • The Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall can be set up according to the needs of the couple, after consultation with one of the wedding coordinators.
  • A commercial kitchen is available as a staging area for your caterer.

dsc_0163   Wedding Coordinators

  • Debbie Feasel and Lisa Nevol, our wedding coordinators, will ensure that your day goes according to your plans.
    • In addition to showing you the facilities, and answering questions throughout your planning process, they will be present at your rehearsal and ceremony to  direct the event, receive deliveries, oversee guests and attendants, and act as your hostess.
    • They will keep your wedding running smoothly and on schedule. They are delighted to share in your day and want to help make it very special for you.

wedding-flowers-for-web Flowers & Decorations

Please organize your own flower arrangements and decorations, and kindly designate a member of your party to oversee their removal that day.

 library-for-web    Wedding Party Accommodations 

A library with mirrors is available where one party, typically the bride’s, can gather. A curtained classroom is also available for the second party.

dsc_0158   Narthex

  • A large and bright narthex is available for wedding guests and a receiving line.

Note on use of the Organ

  • The HUCC organist has first right of refusal for all weddings.  If you wish to bring in another organist, you must request permission to do so.  If the organist agrees to allow a guest , you will still be expected to pay a fee to our organist.


Details Fee Comments/Payment Schedule
Sanctuary and two gathering rooms Includes the use & cleaning for one rehearsal and the ceremony $500 A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to schedule your wedding payable to HUCC, with the remaining balance due one month prior to the wedding.
Pastoral Services $600 Payable to the Pastor one month prior to the wedding.
Wedding Coordinator                (Debbie or Lisa) Assist at the rehearsal and ceremony only $200(required) Payable to individual Wedding Coordinator one month prior to the wedding.
Organist/Accompanist Laurie Fox


Provide music for the rehearsal & ceremony. $250 ( plus $30 per private rehearsal) Payable to Laurie Fox one month prior to wedding.
Audio Services (Arranged through Wedding Coordinators) For playing pre-recorded music, sound system and visual displays (if desired). $100 (required) Payable to Scott Nevol one month prior to the wedding.
Livestreaming Privately viewable on YouTube during your ceremony $150 Payable to Scott Nevol one month prior to the wedding.
Video Recording $50 Payable to Scott Nevol one month prior to the wedding.
Fellowship Hall/Kitchen This covers the use & cleaning. $350/$50 plus $100 security deposit Payable to HUCC at time of booking.

For inquiries and questions, wedding coordinators can be reached at  To schedule a tour of the church, please contact the church office at 585.334.0030 or