Dear HUCC Family,

This Sunday is Rally Day! Our choir returns with uplifting music. Our third graders will receive the Bibles they will use in their church school classes (and hopefully explore at home). We’ll  dedicate our church school teachers and assistants; then we’ll send all the kids and youth off to their new classes (the classrooms have been rearranged, so the teachers will lead the way). We’ll reconnect with folks we haven’t seen for awhile over hospitality and fellow-ship time provided by our Board of Christian Education. And we’ll get ready to plunge into the events and activities of a new church year. Are we ready for this?

I recently came across a book simply titled Wholeheartedness. It’s author, Doug DeGroat, was a typical product of American society–pulled in a thousand directions, plagued by insecurities  about measuring up and anxieties about succeeding, and burning out from exhaustion. A whole new way of living his life opened to him when he heard spiritual writer David Steindl-Rast say, “The antidote to exhaustion is not necessarily rest. The antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness.”

Hmmmm, that antidote probably wouldn’t have occurred to us. But it’s an intriguing notion, isn’t it? What would wholeheartedness look like and feel like for us? How would we find it? As we plunge into the busyness of fall, that’s what I’ll be exploring in my message this Sunday and the next: “Living Wholeheartedly.” My hope is that it will help us all move into this new season with a renewed depth and focus, so that our faith and our church involvement don’t just become more activities to cram into our calendars, but unifying forces of wholeness that add life, love and lift to everything we do.

So, I hope to see you in church this Sunday! I’ll give you a wholehearted welcome, and invite you to join me in living more wholeheartedly all year long.

Pastor Dave