Music Ministry

HUCC has a vibrant and joyous music ministry

  • Adult Bell Choir

    The Senior Hand Bell Choir is comprised of 13 volunteer ringers High School and older. We have been in existence for over 25 years. Performing on five octaves of Schulmerich hand bells and seven octaves of Schulmirich Melody Chimes, the choir performs once a month between September and May. Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings from 7 PM until 8:15 PM. The bell choir plays for our Christmas Eve service and has performed for special events in our sanctuary, as well as venues away from our church. The bell choir is under the direction of Suzanne Milliman –

Bell Choir

Click here to hear our Bell choir.

  • Adult Choir

Numbering between 20-24 members, the adult choir is comprised of volunteers from High School and older. Performing a varied repertoire, the choir sings every Sunday starting after Labor Day through June. We rehearse on Sunday mornings from 9:00 AM until 10:15 AM. We welcome any and all individuals interested in singing. The choir is under the direction of Suzanne Milliman –

               This is a picture of the Henrietta UCC adult choir. The choir robes are red.

Click here to hear our Senior Choir.

  • Children’s Chimes Choir

The Kids Chiming In chimes choir is for children in grades 2 and up. We rehearse twice a month and play in church 5-6 times per year, plus Christmas Eve. The children do not have to be able to read music, but do have to be able to count a rhythm. The music is prepared for them and we use parent support to ensure success.

2016 Chimes Choir
Kid's Chime choir ed

Click here to hear our a children’s chime choir.

  • 7th Day

This is our worship band that performs occasionally during church worship services, and also at the early “family friendly” Christmas Eve service. They perform upbeat Christian pop/rock songs with keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and vocals. You may recognize many of their songs if you listen to the KLove radio station!

Worship Band1ed

Click here to hear our worship band.

  • Children and Youth Pageants and Musicals

Every year the children and youth at HUCC put on a different musical version of the Christmas story. Some pageants are humorous and some are more traditional with familiar carols. But they always delight the congregation! The children rehearse after church for about 2 months prior to the performance. They can choose to have a speaking part, sing a solo, or just be a member of the chorus. The pageant is performed as part of the church service on one Sunday in December.

Like the Christmas pageant, the children and youth perform a Spring Musical during a church service. Each musical tells a different story from the bible with costumes, songs and speaking parts. It is a great opportunity for kids to share their talents and to become comfortable speaking and singing in front of their church family. Rehearsals usually take place after church for about 2 months prior to the performance.

Sometimes the children and youth of HUCC are given an opportunity to sing a song for the congregation. They may sing a piece with the Senior Choir, a song that they learned during Vacation Bible School in the summer, or other songs that crop up. We usually rehearse 2-3 times after church before singing in the worship service.

Cool in the Furnace
  • All Talents Welcome!!

  • Our Sanctuary Instruments…

    • Our sanctuary features a 1984 digital electronic Allen Organ. It has 37 stops, 10 in the Pedal, 12 in the Swell, 10 in the Great, with Great to Pedal, Swell to Pedal, and Swell to Great couplers, chimes and tremulant. Allen organs are considered some of the finest electronic organs, representing the apex of computer technology applied to exacting musical tasks. The result is an instrument of remarkably advanced tone quality and performance. It fills the sanctuary with joyous noise or reflective warmth, accompanies the choir for anthems and the congregation for hymn singing. Our organist, Robin Bower, brings ecclectic breadth to the bench, picking repertoire from contemporary to classical genres.
    • We also have a Yamaha Clavinova keyboard, which is capable of a large variety of digitally sampled sounds, including percussion, can play commercially available song discs, and is midi compatable. This instrument accompanies the choirs, musicals, pageants, and soloists, depending on need.