Funeral and Memorial Service Information


Worship, Thanksgiving, and Memory

The Christian funeral or memorial service is a service of worship in which we celebrate the life of a person who has died, give thanks for that life, and commend that person to God. It recognizes the pain of separation that accompanies death and the hope and joy of God’s promise of resurrection. Its purpose is to provide a community an opportunity to support one another with their presence, and to affirm once more the powerful, steadfast love of God from which people cannot be separated, even by death.

Funeral or Memorial Service

A Funeral is one in which the body of the deceased is present in a casket. The casket is closed throughout the service; the service may be held in a church, funeral home, or cemetery chapel. A Memorial service is similar to a funeral, but without the body of the deceased present. It may be held at any time after the day of death. Cremation or burial may precede or follow the service.

Visitation and Reception Arrangements

Henrietta United Church of Christ can offer use of the sanctuary and fellowship hall for visitation prior or after the service; both spaces provide a warm and familiar setting. Use of the kitchen may also be provided for a reception following the service.  Members of the Women’s Fellowship are available to provide assistance with a reception if requested.

Memorial Gifts

It is appropriate for the family to invite friends to donate memorial gifts of money to the church, especially for a person who has been active in the church during his or her life.  You may discuss the use of memorial funds given to the church with the Memorials Committee’s chair person or the pastor.  An endowment fund is also available for those who prefer donations be placed there.


The flower is a symbol of the resurrection and appropriate for a funeral or memorial service, as for every worship event in the church.  Typically, the family and friends will furnish the arrangement of flowers for the service. It is helpful to designate an individual to coordinate flowers delivery with the church office and ensure removal of flowers following the service.

Planning the Service

The family is encouraged to notify the church as soon as possible and to share fully in planning a service; including choice of participants, readings, hymns and other music, in consultation with the pastor and organist. The Scriptures are a rich source to which Christians have turned for comfort and assurance in times of grief. The pastor will guide the selection of scripture passages, and welcomes suggestions of those with particular meaning for the family or the deceased.  Any fraternal, civic, or military rites shall be conducted apart from the worship service.


Information for the bulletin including, order of service, names of participants, music titles, and scripture readings can be created in consultation with the pastor and printed in the church office free of charge.

Pastor and Organist Right of Refusal

If using HUCC facilities, it is assumed you’ll be using the HUCC pastor and organist for your service.  If you wish to make alternate arrangements, the pastor and organist have a right to refuse the request.  If they agree, they have the right to request payment for the service even if you use an alternate officiant or organist.

Financial Arrangements with the Church

The following is a list of various fees for room usage and professional services of church staff.

Room Usage                                       Members               Non-members

Use of Sanctuary                                 $0                                 $ 500

Use of Fellowship Hall                        $0                                 $ 350

Use of Kitchen                                      $0                                 $ 50

Church staff

Pastor                                                     *                                   $ 500

Organist                                                 $200                             $ 200

(additional rehearsal @$50)

Video/Live-Stream                               $150                               $300

*The Pastor considers these services the final act of pastoral care for church members, and does not wish to suggest fees for parishioners. This is at the parishioners’ discretion.

Individual checks should be written out to the pastor and organist by name.  Checks for the use of the sanctuary and fellowship hall should be made out to “Henrietta United Church of Christ” and marked for “Church Use.”  Check for use of the kitchen should be made out to “Women’s Fellowship.”  Other arrangements, associated costs, suggested donations for receptions, or for musicians, should be discussed with the pastor.

Contact Information:

Church Administrator           Andrea Folan                                 585-334-0030

Pastor:                                    The Rev. Martha Koenig Stone   585-490-7909

Organist:                                  Laurie Fox                           

Memorial Committee:            Joe Green, chair                           585-334-0212

Women’s Fellowship:             TBA



Approved by the Trustees 2-09-23