If you are looking to reserve space for an event or activity, you can begin by checking these calendars for availability.  These calendars show ALL reserved church spaces, including all church activities and use by outside groups, both regularly scheduled events and one-time use reservations. For dates later than included below, please call the church office at 585-334-0030 to inquire.


Please call the office for dates that are further out and to confirm any current dates, as the calendar can change and this posting may not reflect the most current version. Wedding date availability must be cleared through the office, but further wedding arrangements are made with the wedding coordinators.


Reservations must be made through the administrative assistant, via phone or email.

The most commonly used Room Codes:

FH – Fellowship Hall; CR – 7th/8th Grade Class Room; CR1 – 5th/6th Grade Class Room; B – Basement; L – Library; TR – Multi-purpose Office; S – Sanctuary; MR – Music Room; S – Sanctuary; K – Kitchen

January 2018 Facilities calendar

February 2018 Facilities calendar